(PPPP)  The Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces 

Sense of Place
63C Brewery Gulch
Old Bisbee, AZ
February 1-29, 2020
Reception: Sat. Feb. 8, 5-9pm, with works on piano by Bisbee composer Keyth Neso from 6-9pm

Ken Boe: Kissed, courtesy Arlene Purdy Collection

Bisbee painter and poet Ken Boe and his brother Eric Carroll Ross Smith have teamed up to delve deep into a unique art project using old player piano paper rolls, bee’s wax, tree resins and other materials of painting and collage to make some subtle but cool little artworks.

Their collaboration has propelled the series, starting with some techniques Ken Boe began developing around ten years ago, into new directions. The fundamental starting point in most of the Pieces has been automatic drawing and painting, a process for reaching into one’s subconscious mind by scribbling or other means to create new yet archetypal forms.

PPPP is a whimsical acronym for The Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces which Ken Boe started using to index the works a few years back, and for when writing in his journals ideas for the works. Writing lists of ideas and theory is his principle medium of sketching. Or when rambling on to the captive audience of his brother who has braved this collaboration with him. Come see the pieces which will be priced affordably for Bisbee, in addition to several larger oil paintings of Ken Boe’s signature whip painting style, hybrid with automatic drawings. These, never seen in Bisbee before, will be a visual bonus to the show. It is hoped that everyone will encounter artworks that communicate something magical for you in your own way in your own moment. So come meet the artists, refreshments and good conversation will be available.


Eric Carroll Ross Smith and Ken Boe: Essentially Normal Landscape