Reception at Historic Thamm Gallery

The new show is up at Forty Main Bisbee…Historic Thamm Gallery. “Beloved”  I like what Nohava has done with these four pieces of mine in her curation of it. They’re encaustic gesso-grosso, some assemblage and some oil. I’ll be hybridizing all my different techniques and series over the next few years. Reception 01/20/24, 5pm. The show will run 3 months but I’m doing replacement pieces in case anything sells, and you can take it with you. Plus a couple other bonus pieces of mine to see of advanced Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces.

Blackhole Collage at Artist Abbey

Blackhole Collage: Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces
Dec. 9–Jan.30, 2024 by appointment or during Abbey events

Ken Boe will also be arriving in Truth or Consequences NM on February 23rd by Limousine with the Bisbee Invasion coming from The Hitching Post on one of their journeys spreading Bisbee music (and in my case also poetry.)

The Re-Make Show at Central School Project

My piece titled Approaching Noon, for the Re-Make show at Central School Project. Medium: found deserted plywood, crayons recycled from Yellowstone restaurants, found objects, and oil paints. Fernando Serrano, photo credit. 

The Re-Make Show at Central School Project in old Bisbee, continues through December 3, 2023, weekends only 11am–4pm. 43 Howell Ave, Bisbee, AZ 85603.


Experimental Poet and more

W. David Oliphant will be responding to my spoken word inflections, meanings, and cadences with his building sound language where every key on his keyboards are differently constructed phonemes from which he’ll compose live throughout the readings, and in-between the readings. I’ll be reading and vocalizing the full lyric sequence poems from the Tatterdemalion Daydream manuscript as never heard before, plus a series of other works, and many newer poems.

I’m also in a couple group art shows this weekend:
The Re-Make Show at Central School Project in old Bisbee, with my hyper-object abstract landscape painting of found materials, including a pine resin crayon encaustic medium from crayons recycled from the restaurants of Yellowstone National Park, found desert-weathered plywood, old pull-top cans from a local field from years of someone’s consistent habit of beer drinking.
Reception Friday night 11/17/23 6-9pm. 
Open weekends 11-4 through December 3rd.

43 Howell Ave, Bisbee, AZ 85603

(I’ll also have a small piece in the Erotic Art Show at The Bisbee Quarry in Brewery Gulch Saturday the 18th beginning at 7pm. A ticketed burlesque show follows.)

Ken Boe LIVE at The Pythian Castle

The Pythian Castle
29OK Street in Old Bisbee
Wednesday August 30, 2023, at 7pm

Ken Boe live at The Pythian Castle at 29 OK Street In Old Bisbee with music and voice by Carolyn Toronto’s and guest performer Tamela Turtle who will also be doing her own set; paintings by Tucson artist Matt Cotton and Bisbee artist Douglas Weber; singer songwriter Gerry Butterwick, and hosted by fiction writer and poet Leah Mueller. I’ll be doing a reading of poems written or arranged with Carolyn Toronto’s just for this event.

Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces at Changing Hands Bookstore In The Newton

The Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces
Collage paintings by Ken Boe
Closing reception: Sunday, August 13th, 2023, 5–7pm
Changing Hands Bookstore In The Newton
300 W Camelback Rd Ste 1, Phoenix, AZ

Come join me and the crew for the closing reception of my art exhibition at Changing Hands Bookstore In The Newton at the Phoenix Location! These are the Pieces where I turn the paper transparent so that the automatic drawing images come through, while still retaining their text, texture and context — kind of like cut-up poetry meets painting(they used to stand around the piano singing a hundred years ago, which this paper is even older than, mounted on panel.) And I will update everyone on my new art theory project Alien Aesthetics, and do a short reading of some of my best poems.


5 Roads at JH Coates Gallery

The 5 Roads exhibition has been extended to September 9, 2023 for a Closing Reception from 1-4pm. Refreshments served, meet the artists Frank Balaam, Ken Boe, Jim Coates, Lob Instagon, and Sergio Lapore, with music provided by Courtney Odom and Douglas Berry. Open until then through regular weekend hours of Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm.

Visit the show at the Studio Cafe’s JH Coates Gallery to see and pose in front of your Seraphic Wings (4 ft x 10 ft, oil and gesso grosso whip painting on canvas, diptych)!  And learn about this amazing mix of Arizona Artists. Shown above: Michael Twenty-Three (1969-2023)

Britta Crone


Sandra Hilborn


Libby Rooney

Ken Boe at Good Cakes

Good Eye
Collage paintings from the Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces
at Good Cakes Coffee Shop and Bakery
44 Main St, Bisbee AZ

Note: “Some small pieces are still available following the show, on Bisbee Good Cake’s new Local Artist’s Wall. This is the best value for me for investing in my work.”

Art Reception: Feb. 11, 2023, 4–7pm
Followed by 7pm poetry performance at J.F. Thamm Gallery, 40 Main Street

Good Eye

Poetry Performance

“As I build these Pieces, I’m just blown away. It’s the final step of adding the Player-Piano-Paper, and its random cut of lyrics, notation pattern, symbols, and color tone of the paper itself applied to the automatic painting and drawing. The peak experience for me in the long drawn out process is that moment of the paper going clear.”

Read more about my process on my Patreon page.