More About Miami Loco 2024

Our latest art show is up for a minimum of 2 more events at the new FOUR ONE ONE SPACE at 411 W. Sullivan Street in downtown Miami Arizona, off highway 60, west of Globe and east of Superior.  Another opening will be for the 2nd Saturday Art Walk and Car Show, April 13th, 2024.  We were planning the Poetry Procession for Loco today and Jules mentioned dressing as a clown and my memory was thrust back to Michael Twenty-Three who dressed as a clown last year with multiple planned scenarios up his sleeve. Now we are entering the first Miami Loco Arts Festival without him since we started it in 2009. So there is a quiet to this one, and a hilarity.

Featured will be my Blackhole Collage Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces; sculpture and chapbooks by Libby Rooney; a piece by international artist ShaiLee; skate world paintings and prints by Shane Long; Hieronymous Bogs poems, music and art; Britta Garbo’s “Calling Cards” as well as printed and framed poetry by Trinity Murchie.

Four One One Space open 10am-pm, or even later for special shows during Miami Loco. 411 W. Sullivan St. Miami AZ

Live Experimental Music To Be Announced.

Sunday, April 21st:
2pm Ken Boe’s DANCING THE SHOVEL with some of his greatest poems read to sound performance at Four One One Space with guided experimental and improvisational sound work, butoh dance by Eric Hodgins, and select other troubadours from the Phoenix Experimental Music Scene.
Organic Poetry, Part Two: 3PM – come gather around, relax, and complete the weekend with your most grounded and connected poetry to share with the others you have bonded with over this warm and wondrous weekend. This much has always been true.

PREQUIL: April 13th, 2024

Warming up for Loco is the next art walk:
April 13th, 10AM – 5PM at FOUR ONE ONE SPACE

Open for the next 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Miami Arizona which takes over the town with fun vendors, live music on installed stages, art shows, and closing with the best open mic in Arizona at Miami Art Works 509 W. Sullivan. Then comes Arizona’s most underground arts festival: The MIAMI LOCO ARTS FESTIVAL that we’ll be open for April 19th-21st 2024,
Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Story, poetry and music performances will be held in Four One One Space throughout the weekend.

Special thanks to our sponsor Miami Rose Trading Company. Antiques which inspire, and just down the street on the corner: A SOURCE OF MUCH OF MY WORK’S PIANO SCROLL!