Art Farm Iowa Residency

Art Farm Iowa, Ken Boe Residency

June 14th, 2024-July 19th, 2024
4953 Olive Avenue Northwood, IA, 50459 United States
Open to the public

I’ve received a significant artist and poet residency at Art Farm Iowa, which I’m arriving early to on June 14th for the big yard sale which I’ll be adding something to. During my time there we’ll be breaking the rules in both subtle and in bold ways, in this artist-as-outlaw themed experiment. I’ll be painting with whips, putting poems around town and on the farm, getting folks to hold my hand as I scribble the wind, and numerous Player-Piano-Paper-Pieces in the gift show gallery. Keep in touch or visit in person to find out more, I’m going to be having a lot of fun on site, as will others, and some Alien Aesthetics…

We’ll be reinventing what we’re doing as a culture, versus idiomatic stagnation. No nihilist trends on the farm with me, folks. I have a lot to share and since this somehow became the Arizona Artist Outlaw residency, we’ll be coloring behind the lines. Stay tuned for more intriguing announcements which will be their own original content, in and of themselves, like this draft poster “No Beauty Without Contradiction.”

See recent videos of my poetry performances with other artists at my Patreon.