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As an artist I see myself as indefinitely experimental, a gatherer of techniques, methods, ideas that I have gained from that experimenting; building an ever increasing range of style which is designed to hopefully add to the creativity of those exposed to my work.

My linguistic philosophy of art is that the environment we share is the language we share,

as our analogies and metaphors are drawn from where we are together. Art and nature fulfill this role, the role of the synchronic vocabulary between thought in action; talk in action, synchronized through our unconscious peripheral vision into the tropes of spontaneously creative communication. And like this original theory of mine, I develop original techniques, or hybrid techniques, seeking out ‘textural literacies’ though mixed-mediums from waxes and tree resins to plasters and oils.

I see medium and technique as being just as symbolic as representation is thought to be. I seek in my work compositions which triangulate these semiotic forces. I work with found objects going back to nature, shadowing out unique patterns yet grounded somewhere abstractly in our experience, that we might reference back to them in new serendipitous ways.

I agree with those who believe that the artist is not so much imitating nature, but is nature, at least at his/her most spectacular moments, so that occasionally one’s work, or someone’s experience of your artwork, is a place where “beauty” and “magic” are synonymous.