5 Roads at JH Coates Gallery

The 5 Roads exhibition has been extended to September 9, 2023 for a Closing Reception from 1-4pm. Refreshments served, meet the artists Frank Balaam, Ken Boe, Jim Coates, Lob Instagon, and Sergio Lapore, with music provided by Courtney Odom and Douglas Berry. Open until then through regular weekend hours of Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm.

Visit the show at the Studio Cafe’s JH Coates Gallery to see and pose in front of your Seraphic Wings (4 ft x 10 ft, oil and gesso grosso whip painting on canvas, diptych)!  And learn about this amazing mix of Arizona Artists. Shown above: Michael Twenty-Three (1969-2023)

Britta Crone


Sandra Hilborn


Libby Rooney