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Multiple Works at the 10th Miami Loco Arts Festival


I enjoyed our exhibition at The Fitzpatrick Building Art Space with the sublime painter Sergio Lepore, sound sculptures by Victor Alexander (seen above performing at the show with Butoh Sonics,) an awe-inspiring reading by Brian Smith from his book Tucson Salvage, a special screening of the award winning (Culver City Film Festival) documentary by his wife Maggie Rawlings Smith, and an incredible performance on electric violin by Brian’s brother Barry Smith. This was a phenomenal weekend.

I titled the show “An Anomalous Level Of Anomaly” after the above painting to the left, which I’ll share the statement for below. A favorite…Please click link to continue to the full article: New Works with Ken Boe

Bisbee 17

This fiction, however, was allegorical (a piece of story that is metaphorical of a larger message) which was pertinent, suggesting a hidden violence to The Bisbee Deportation of 1917 we will never fully be able to measure.

Realism is a construction of tropes regardless of it’s con.

Check out this short film I starred in for director Robert Greene’s major documentary release of Bisbee 17 in which I also appear acting as a ubiquitous but random bad guy who just keeps popping up when you need one. BISBEE ‘17 SHORT FILM (no. 6 of 6)
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Trailer for Bisbee 17

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— Portrait by Dean Robinson

BELOW: Indeterminate Effigy
@Jewelry Designs By Dave Owen at 45 Main St, Bisbee, AZ 85603


Cattle Iron Branded Raw Cotton on Plaster, Ultra-Violet and Glow-In-The-Dark Pigments, and Wax. On View at David Kachel Photography 2 Naco Rd. Bisbee, Arizona next to old Lyric Theater.

Purchase this diptych of 3 Blacklight and Glow-In-The-Dark paintings at the David Kachel Gallery, 2 Naco Road Bisbee, Arizona 85603. Other experimental paintings of mine are there, yet quite in contrast to David’s masterworks of PHOTOGRAVURE!

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…with legendary musician and composer
T.S. Henry Webb, doing “Incidental Noises”

Below: Photos by Lynda Coole of poet and activist Michael Gregory, Ken Boe, and T.S. Henry Webb on keyboards. We did a poem together.

Getting Poetry in Bisbee

by Chuck Alton,

Host Ken Boe (center) is joined by fellow poets Meg Porter, and Ramzi Masarweh, both with backgrounds in the Middle East. Learn about them, they’ve lived interesting lives, hear them “read”, and enjoy the banter among friends who appreciate and learn from each other.

Hear it anytime day or night at:
Click here for the Bakken/Gregory roundtable until Meg/Ramzi video restored.

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(Photo by CAlton: Meg (left), Ken(center), and Ramzi on the right)

Me Love

And still I remain in the old dream,
though I wonder if it’s a riddle,
a water line, not low, not high —
but actually an arrow pointing
around to a negative zero —
where everything is another thing
as I wake up in this cast iron tub
startled by the self-portraits
that people my dream in disguises,
and the water has gone cold now,
and that also is a clock with meaning.

The Bisbee Poetry Normalization Project Poetry Roundtable Open Mic

I’m hitting the road the road. Please check my Facebook for updates on last night’s astounding performances at Bisbee’s Poetry Roundtable Open Mic with Roberta and David Chorlton:

Unedited video begins 4:40 seconds in featuring poet and violinist pair David and Roberta Chorlton:


Photo courtesy of Lynda Coole

The second Poetry Roundtable Open Mic was
March 15th at 7:30pm, 24 Main Street, in Old Bisbee.

The Live-streamed open-mic was intersected with discussion and performances by our special guest from Bozeman Montana, the stunning singer/songwriter Amber Ikeman. Our featured poet was Ramzi Eid Masarweh who wowed us last time, and can be heard on Getting Poetry In Bisbee”.

Access the updated Live-stream of the Roundtable by clicking Here:
The Poetry Normalization Project: Portals — You Tube Playlist

Come back every 3rd Thursday for another live-streamed Poetry Roundtable Open Mic, 7:30pm Arizona time, at The Letson Studios, 24 Main St. Doors open at 7. March 15th featured singer/songwriter announced: Amber Ikeman on CD tour from Bozeman MT.

The Poetry Normalization Project is an experimental set of efforts to bring poetry into the consciousness of the community in new ways. Part of my effort has been to create a kind of treasure hunt of poems posted in random places around Bisbee, such as telephone poles, and bulletin boards of original and “site-specific poems. The project will continue for at minimum 6 months, and these readings and discussion-based open mics are a spin off of that project. The Bisbee Poetry Normalization Project is to be sponsored in part by a grant from the Bisbee Arts Commission. You may also become my patron at The Arts And Poetry Manifest and even get to contribute ideas toward a poem that you’ll be sponsoring, get bonus artworks, and more. Photos by Lynda Coole:


More extensive writing about this project are to be forthcoming. Please stay tuned to this website as it is updated each month as new featured poets and guest hosts are announced. To nominate a featured poet, or guest-host non-poet, email Ken Boe at

Purchase original Ken Boe artworks through “donation”

Ultraviolet encaustic paintings still available:

As an artist I see myself as indefinitely experimental, a gatherer of techniques, methods, ideas that I have gained from that experimenting; building an ever increasing range of style which is designed to hopefully add to the creativity of those exposed to my work.

My linguistic philosophy of art is that the environment we share is the language we share, as our analogies and metaphors are drawn from where we are together. Art and nature fulfill this role, the role of the synchronic vocabulary between thought in action; talk in action, synchronized through our unconscious peripheral vision into the tropes of spontaneously creative communication. And like this original theory of mine, I develop original techniques, or hybrid techniques, seeking out ‘textural literacies’ though mixed-mediums from waxes and tree resins to plasters and oils.

I see medium and technique as being just as symbolic as representation is thought to be. I seek in my work compositions which triangulate these semiotic forces. I work with found objects going back to nature, shadowing out unique patterns yet grounded somewhere abstractly in our experience, that we might reference back to them in new serendipitous ways.

I agree with those who believe that the artist is not so much imitating nature, but is nature, at least at his/her most spectacular moments, so that occasionally one’s work, or someone’s experience of your artwork, is a place where “beauty” and “magic” are synonymous.